Cornell Cooperative Scholarship Network (coming soon to a new site!)

How CCSN Works

Cooperative work leads to better work. From July 2017 to June 2018 coauthored works were 12-18% less likely to be desk rejected at the American Political Science Review. Acceptance rates were also as high as two-times greater for multiple-author teams than solo authors.[1] Other normative benefits of collaboration such as reducing one’s workload and learning from others are likely even more beneficial than this publication advantage. The Cornell Cooperative Scholarship Network (CCSN) is a simple infrastructure that facilitates collaboration among peers. It is a place where you can get help for your projects and share your talents by helping others with theirs.

Click “List my project” to provide the details for your project. Any and all projects ranging from homework assignments to manuscripts intended for publication can be listed.

Your submission will be listed on the website within 24 hours after submission. You may remove the project you submitted by clicking “List my project” and selecting “Remove an existing project” on the survey.

[1] American Political Science Review Editors’ Report 2017–18

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